New tournament series top 5 ring

Alamo Card House has implemented a new Top 5 ring for it's Tournament Series beginning in September. The #1 ranked player will win a "Gold Bracelet" and the rest of the top 5 will earn a Top 5 ring. ACH Tournament Director told us

"It's a long grueling series for the month. Over 20 tournaments and over 200 players, so to finish in the top 5 won't be an easy task. We feel the top 5 deserve something for the excellent poker they play. Anyone can get lucky in one tournament, but to be ranked in the Top 5 at the end of the month shows everyone that you're damn good at what you do and deserve recognition. We are really improving the Tournament Series every month and we have some more really neat things we are going to unleash in a few weeks!"

new final table point system

Here at ACH we continuously try to improve the tournament series. We caught up with one of the behind the scenes anchors of the tournament series to share their thoughts on the point structure changes.

"We felt that the point structure previously in place for the first 2 months wasn't fair to someone who won a tournament with 22 people vs a winner in a tournament with 50 people. They were both getting the same final table points. We also feel that if a player wins out right vs winning the tournament on a chop that the points should be significantly different. So we are definitely rewarding the non chop winners with this new structure. I think there will be a few people who may argue this new point structure but we can't please everyone. Going into September everyone has a fair shot to take home the title and we feel that more people will be in attendance this month than ever before. We are really excited about this and have some surprises to show you along the way!"


Friday Night we presented Jesse Perez Jr with the August Bracelet. Our Tournament Director asked Jesse Perez his strategy for finishing #1 even though he didn't win a tournament. Watch the video to see Jesse's answer!